Welcome to The Spirit Church

Welcome to The Spirit Church! We are a community of people that believes everyone who enters our doors is a gift from God with a purpose.

It is our desire that anyone who comes to The Spirit Church will feel loved, encouraged and enlightened with wisdom and understanding from the Word of God. Pastor Aeneas has a love for people and a strong desire to see each person fulfill their potential in every area of their lives.



Mothers Influence the World
The Power of a Mother's Faith

Sunday Worship Service

Everyone is welcome at The Spirit Church! Join us for one of our Sunday Worship Services at 9:00 a.m. or 11:00 a.m. at 915 Northwest Plaza Drive, St. Ann, MO.  

Wisdom Wednesday

Join us for our mid-week bible study.  Everyone is welcome at 12 noon.  Child care is unavailable. 

Men's Locker Room

What happens in the Locker Room stays in the Locker Room!  Pastor Aeneas has a way of breaking the Word down in a simple way where men have fun, laugh, then leave out and can apply it right where they live.

Life Groups

Life change happens in the context of relationships.  Relationships define us, grow us, challenge us, strengthen us, and bless us.  Unfortunately, our culture devalues personal relationships, resulting in many people living in isolation

Spirit Ministry Teams

At the Spirit Church, there's something for everyone! You have a chance to be apart of a service ministry. Check out our Ministries and see where you fit! 

Get Help

Do you need help, prayer, or healing? Email us at Pray4Me@thespiritchurch.org today.



1st Sunday of each month

This class is the basic introduction to our church family and is designed to clearly explain who we are and what we believe.

2nd Sunday of each month

This class provides the tools necessary to become a spiritually mature disciple of Jesus Christ.

3rd Sunday of each month

This class is the step towards discovering and understanding how your uniquely designed personality and the spiritual gifts God has given you help reveal a fulfilling path to your destiny!.

4th Sunday of each month

In this class you will learn about the different ministries of the Spirit Team and how to put your gifts in action by getting involved and joining the team that fits you