Our Pastors

Pastor Aeneas Williams

Pastor Aeneas Williams was raised in New Orleans and was a walk-on at Southern University in his Junior Year. Before earning a B.S. in Accounting in 1990, Pastor Aeneas tied the then Division I-AA single-season interception record with 11 during his senior season. He was drafted in the third round of the 1991 draft by the Arizona Cardinals and was traded to the St. Louis Rams in 2001.

During an illustrious 14-year NFL career with the Arizona Cardinals and St. Louis Rams that included eight Pro Bowls and four All-Pro selections, cornerback Aeneas Williams came to a realization – at times in the locker room you’d hear about the rough patches in players lives. This unhappiness wasn’t fueled from anything that happened on the field, but it came from something that was missing in the players’ lives.

Pastor Aeneas, who had made his personal commitment to Jesus Christ during his junior year at Southern University, knew what was missing, just like he knew how to salve those wounds. That was when Pastor Aeneas first began speaking and spreading his message, “Reaching Your Potential,” the foundation for his current interactive speaking engagements.

Pastor Aeneas retired from football in 2004, and was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame on August 2, 2014. He continues to spread his message through speaking engagements across the country to NFL teams such as the New England Patriots, New Orleans Saints, Baltimore Ravens and others.  Several corporations and ministries have engaged his speaking services as well. Pastor Aeneas is also a regular on KTVI, FOX 2 as a color commentator during the football season on Sundays. All is secondary to his job as Pastor of The Spirit Church in St. Louis, Missouri where he has garnered respect as a leader and role model due to his tireless and extensive outreach in the community.

Prior to entering the ministry, he authored the book, “It Takes Respect.”  It continues to be requested by NFL teams, corporations, ministries and individuals across the nation. In this powerful book, Pastor Aeneas tells his story and the surprising reason for his success. He writes with the conviction of personal experience as he shows just how far God can take a man. "It Takes Respect" is available for Purchase here.

He and his wife Tracy have three daughters--Saenea, Tirzah, and Cheyenne--and a son named Lazarus.

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Pastor Tracy Williams

Pastor Tracy has been married to Pastor Aeneas Williams for more than 25 years. She has been a cheerleader for her husband throughout his football career and now, as she partners with him in pastoring The Spirit Church, in St. Louis. She and Pastor Aeneas have four children, three daughters and one son.

Pastor Tracy holds a B.S. degree in Agricultural Economics from Southern University and earned her MBA from The University of Illinois. Having a passion for women, Pastor Tracy led womenʼs Bible studies for wives and friends of the Arizona Cardinals for 8 years. In 2012, she established The Wonder Women Experience, the womenʼs ministry and outreach of The Spirit Church, which encourages women to fulfill their potential and do mighty exploits in the earth as a result of their personal relationship with Christ. Young women and girls are dear to Pastor Tracyʼs heart as well, as she shares her abstinence program, "The Garden Experience,” in schools and other organizations.

She has a strong passion for teaching men and women to discover their God given gifts so they can pursue the assignment God created for them to fulfill. Along with the many roles she plays, Pastor Tracy lives for Friday night dates with her hubby, loves hanging out with their children and dog, as well as traveling, people watching and playing basketball.

Pastor Simeon Williams

Pastor Simeon Jerome Williams is a native St. Louisian who was educated in St. Louis Public Schools and graduated from O'Fallon Technical High School. He has a Bachelor of Science in Administration of Justice; and a Master of Science in Healthcare Administration.

Pastor Williams has owned and operated his own branch of a mortgage banking financing company, Loan Simple, Inc, for over 17 years.  He has an extreme passion for helping others and seeing them realize their potential and most of all fulfill God's purpose for their lives. Pastor Simeon has been a member/servant of the Spirit Church since the beginning.

He has been happily married to his loving wife, LaJuan for more than 19 years. They have two children, one son, Simeon II and one daughter, LaiJeon Miguel.