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20 Somethings

Wednesdays | 7:30 PM | In Person | Women
Leader: Tirzah Williams
For young women 20-30 focusing on self development. Bestselling psychologist Dr. Meg Jay uses real stories from real lives to provide smart, compassionate, and constructive advice about the crucial (and difficult) years we cannot afford to miss.

30 Somethings

Wednesdays | 6 PM | In Person | Women
Leader: Min. Maxine Nunn
For women 30-40 focusing on sharing and growing together with other sisters in Christ. Study the lives of biblical women and journey with your fellow sisters in faith to a closer relationship with God.

A Singular Experience

Sat/Sun |  TBD | TBD| Women & Men
Leader: Rosanna Smith
A group for singles to hangout who are unmarried and not courting. This group is designed to help singles to freely explore activities and love being alone and happy, while focusing on their spiritual growth.

A Singular Experience

Sat/Sun |  TBD | TBD| Women & Men
Leader: Rosanna Smith
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