Wise Steps

Are you interested in learning more about the church? Do you want to become a member of The Spirit Church? Do you want to discover your gifts and natural-born talents. Are you interested in joining one of our ministry teams, but don't know where you fit in? Are you looking to grow more spiritually mature? If you answered yes to any of these questions, the Wise Steps classes are for you! While Wise Steps 101 is the only class required for membership, we strongly encourage all prospective and current members to take all four of the Wise Steps classes. In these classes, you will learn about the history of the church, the church's vision and guiding principles, you'll discover your own gifts and talents, and you'll learn more information about each church ministry to see where you can volunteer and put your gifts to good use. Classes are held every Sunday at 10:45, and you do not have to take the classes in order. Take steps towards spiritual growth and attend a Wise Step class this Sunday!

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