Now Hiring: Music Director

Job Title: Music Director

Responsible to:  Creative Pastor



To bring anointing and excellence to the music ministry.




  • Work closely with the Creative Director.
  • Maintain key volunteers.
  • Maintain a level of comradery and create a positive environment to serve in.
  • Maintain a high level of excitement with all staff and volunteers.
  • Ensure the band is arriving in a timely manner, allowing plenty of time to ensure that they are ready to give their very best for the event that is taking place. (i.e. special events, Thursday rehearsals, Sunday services).
  • Maintain the skills necessary to fulfill all duties.
  • Be willing to grow as the ministry grows.
  • Attend weekly meetings via phone or in person set by Creative Director to discuss prior events, upcoming events, and situations that are at hand.
  • Ensure everything on the Order of Service list has its place and is ready to roll prior to rehearsals.
  • Responsible for making sure that all set up obligations are done prior to rehearsals as these are designed to be full run-throughs of the actual service.
  • Should any issues arise, a conversation should happen with the Creative Director before involving coworkers or other leaders.
  • Keep the beat within the band steady and consistent.
  • Practice to maintain a sharp craft and show up prepared and ahead of time.
  • Ensure all melodies, instrumental fill passages, solos, and occasional riffs within a song structure are done with taste and excellence.
  • Introduce, learn, and teach the material of all new and existing music.
  • Pay attention to your band and help them to grow as a musician. 
  • Demonstrate and teach the skill of knowing how to add dramatic elements that fit each song. 
  • Ability to adapt to different styles of music.
  • Demonstrate a strong level of leadership with your band.
  • Possess the knowledge and willingness to become better.



  • Previous experience as a Music Director
  • Excellent organizational skills with the ability to thrive in a fast pace environment.
  • Strong attention to detail and planning.
  • A commitment to good interpersonal relationships and teamwork.
  • A demonstrated Christian faith commitment.
  • Dependable attendance, timeliness, and maintain excellence in your area.






  • To assist in creating an outstanding worship environment.




  • Attend seminars, workshops, conferences for personal development, professional development, leadership development.