Our Beginnings

On August 12, 2007, Pastor Aeneas , his wife Tracy and their 4 children met in their basement for their 1st official  Sunday service for Spirit of the Lord Family Church (The Spirit Church). This was a step Pastor Aeneas took trembling  in his flesh, yet trusting God in his spirit, knowing this was the path that God was preparing years ago.

It was in 1992, when God invited Pastor Aeneas to join Him in his work of ministering to his teammates on the Arizona Cardinals on nights before their games.  This work grew into another weekly study including these teammates, their wives, significant others, and friends. For 6 years many Arizona Cardinal players and their families gathered at Pastor Aeneas and his wife, Tracy’s home in Phoenix, Arizona every Tuesday evening for the Word of God  and  the signature dinner of red beans and rice, with a side of Popeye’s  Fried Chicken.

In 2001, Pastor Aeneas sensed  that his time was up in Arizona, but the Cardinals did not believe the same, as they were attempting to put the Franchise player label on him, which would lock him in with the team for the rest of his career.  Everything in him said his time was up in Arizona , he and Tracy knew that it would only be God if he was released from this tag (even his agent agreed to this notion).  During this time of waiting, he didn’t realize that God was opening up a door in St. Louis for him to walk right in…

When the call came, he knew God had a work in mind for he and his wife, (not to mention a possible Super Bowl) , but he also knew that they were in a season of training in the ministry.  After 4 seasons with the St. Louis Rams, and a trip to the Super Bowl, Pastor Aeneas retired from the NFL.

Upon retirement, and having served faithfully for 4 years in another ministry, God began to tug on Pastor Aeneas’ heart to step out into doing a work for God. But in disobedience and fear, Pastor Aeneas did not move until 2 years later when it became undeniable to him, as God touched his heart and confirmed it over and over , even through his 10 year old  daughter in his own home.

So on August 12th, 2007 , with their 4 children  in the basement of their home, the church began.  God began to send the people faithfully to the church and  after 11 months in the basement of the house, they moved the ministry  to the Crowne Plaza on June 1, 2008.  God opened another door for the ministry to rent a larger space at Christ Memorial Baptist Church in Cool Valley, on February 14, 2010. The JC Penney Building on University of Missouri St. Louis’ campus was our next stop, and then McCluer South – Berkeley High School  where the ministry is currently.

Pastor Aeneas and Tracy take great honor in being chosen of God to raise up a wise and understanding people who will take the practical Word of God and live it daily, thereby drawing others to the Kingdom of God.

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